Matt Reeves The Perfect Man To Take On The Batman!

Here Is The Video Of My Feelings On Him Directing!
The Batman solo film has been a hot topic ever since Ben Affleck dropped out of the director’s chair. I myself have just been thinking about whether or not Affleck stepping down from the movie was for the best. It seems logical that he just wants to focus on playing Batman but the man is a tremendous director as well. I would have wanted to see him tackle on bringing the Batman mythos to life. The good news is that he did co-write the script and it’s apparently a solid one at that according to some sources. This led me to think if Affleck is out of the directing chair then who can take over the reigns and that’s when it hit me! Matt Reeves!
Yes, the man behind the Planet of The Apes franchise would be a tremendous choice to take over the caped crusader. It’s being rumored that he is of five directors to take the reigns of the movie and I believe he’s the best fit for many reasons but I decided to narrow it down to three big ones. I will say however if you haven’t watched any of Reeves previous works that you get on it ASAP! Anyways let us get on with the reasons this man needs to get on the Batman train.
Okay, this one might be two reasons, but I couldn’t include one without the other especially using the Planet of The Apes films as examples. He knows how to definitely build the world around a group of characters as he’s done with the Planet of The Apes films. This will definitely be a good thing to bring to the Batman universe that has a vast amount of characters. The universe around Batman is huge and what better world-builder than Reeves. He definitely has made the Planet of The Apes universe so much more rich and intriguing. We need someone who will be able to helm at least two sequels as well so why not go with someone who’s already done that with another franchise? I would also like to point out the beautiful action scene in Dawn of The Planet of The Apes and yes you need that in a Batman film
Reeves handles action well as I stated just by looking at Planet of the Apes but he can also do psychological thrills just as well. A film from his career many overlook definitely has to be Let Me In. The movie is a remake of Let The Right One In a Swedish horror movie. I had my concerns with this film when it was first announced as I loved the original so much. These concerns were immediately gone once I saw the film as I actually did enjoy it quite a bit. This movie deals with the friendship between a vampire and human raising questions between what’s right and wrong. There are many moments that mess with your mind and make you think. It was really great to see them fleshed out on the big screen in such a beautiful way. If you’re doing Batman right then you definitely need to get psychological thriller element.
Ben Affleck’s Batman also has to be the scariest incarnation of the character we’ve gotten so far. We all definitely got a taste of this in that scene from Batman V Superman when he is just in the corner of the roof. Matt Reeves is not a newcomer to this as he has demonstrated in Let Me In but also in two other movies he’s been a part of. One of those being the creature flick by the name of Cloverfield and he was also an executive producer for 10 Cloverfield Lane. If you remember any of those movies you know how tense some of the moments in both films were. We need the Batman to have those moments that have you holding your breath. It has to be a nail-biting moment just waiting for something to happen. I truly believe the man can bring that to this hero and I’ll be happy to see it!
I think we will definitely find out who will be directing the movie in the near future. However here’s hoping it’s right before Comic Con and we can get some art or something out by then. The sooner they get it figured out then the faster we get to seeing the movie which is what everyone wants. It will definitely be interesting who they go with but nonetheless, I will be happy as long as they do Batman justice. The bar Nolan set was definitely high but I truly believe it will be surpassed with whichever director they trust the franchise with.

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